Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Thursday, everyone.

I can't believe this, but Shelley (Smith) in Little Rock actually found someone to pick up ALL four of the ASD x Pyrs in Arkansas! The owner gave us a deadline of getting them by this weekend---no easy feat to find a place for 4 big dogs within a couple of days.

Whew. Shelley, you're a life saver.

HEY, there are 3 one year old ASD x Pyrs, all female, that are going to be looking for foster homes ASAP after they are picked up.

We hope to have pictures coming soon!!

Surprisingly, we've had a few applications this week that might actually lead to adoptions! Keep your fingers crossed!
We have so many dogs right now, if we could get some adopted, that would free up some foster homes.

Well, thats about all for now. Roxi and Caleb are still in boarding kennels looking for fosters, too!

PS---the pretty Akbash girl smiling in the picture is "Anna", from Colorado, who was recently adopted and is now a California girl :-)

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