Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Featured Picture today is "Ben". Ben was one of the first dogs that NASRN took in. He was seized in an abuse case in New York. His owners kept Ben chained and didn't feed him. When he first came to the shelter he had nothing but gravel in his stomach.
Ben was adopted by Brent Deitrich and family and he became a very loyal guardian dog to the Deitrich family and to their goats. Sadly, Ben passed away earlier this year.....we were never sure of his exact age but our best estimate would put Ben around 12 yrs old when he passed away. I was very sad to hear of Ben's passing but I know the years he spent with the Deitrich family were the very best years of his life.
I know it's not Thanksgiving yet, but right now I am "very" thankful and extremely excited b/c Tammy A. just let me know that she found a foster home for Caleb! Caleb has been sitting in a boarding kennel for about a month now and before that, he was in the shelter for several weeks. I am thrilled that he is going to a foster home! He's going to a super foster home, too. Janna just finished fostering Chase and now she has so generously opened her home to Caleb.

THANK YOU JANNA!!! Janna is a special friend to our dogs as she is also a dedicated transport driver. :-) Our dogs are very lucky to have her as their friend.

Updates..........Wonderful news!! Roxy is doing great in her new home!! She's wrestling with Joe, her new Anatolian brother and seems very happy.

An update on "Raider" (fka Brady, one of the OK Ten pups)~~Raider is growing like a weed and having a great time going to the dog park. He also loves to play with his sister, Sadie, who was also adopted from our group.

Raider's litter mate, Daisy, is the last of the OK Ten that isn't adopted yet. Foster mom Karen says Daisy is a little spit fire. She's definitely the most spunky of the bunch.

I also had a wonderful update from Tami in New York.....Tami has a whole pack of adopted Anatolians......Tami writes....

"Our "family" is fine and doing very well. Niko is now almost " grown" and is acting like Boz more and more. Boz has become even more relaxed, and is a true love, whose howl keeps all the wolves away....literally. Jeenie is still a barker, but seems to be more quiet when we put a harness on her and tell her to go work.... go figure. She sits and watches the property and stops barking at her own echo. Rena is still the big teddy bear of a dog, and all the cats love her. Old girl Gretchen adores her dad Steve and is his shadow, whenever he's home. Our little cairn dogs are still going at 16 and 13 and of course our last edition....little Pepper, and Niko's little sidekick is always hanging with the boys; All dogs love each other and we are truly a cohesive pack."

It's good to hear that everyone is doing so well! Tami's rescues came from all parts of the country....Boz, fka "Bosco", was dumped at a shelter in TN by a farmer who sold his farm; Jeenie came from a shelter in Louisiana; Rena came from a shelter in Iowa; Gretchen came from a shelter in New York and Niko and his siblings were actually born in a shelter in New York.

I guess that's about all for now.

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday. Stay safe!

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