Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Good afternoon!

Let's see, what's going on today....... we're still working on trying to find a place for Roxi, the senior female in New Mexico. The kennel owner took a picture for us, look how pretty she is! She looks very sad though and looks like she could use a bath and a good brushing. Poor girl. It's so sad when the older dogs are abandoned like this.

Adoptions..... nothing much going on today. Karen and I are working on a couple of promising applications but nothing definite yet.

I forgot to mention the other day that Carol Baumann has made it official that she is adopting "LG" <"Life's Good"> the dog she has been fostering for so long. LG's previous owner dumped quite a few dogs at the local shelter awhile back. We took in 4 of them . I think LG and Zeke were in the worst shape, both behaviorally and physically. Carol and the Ingram's have both put in a lot of effort to get both boys back on their feet and they are both in much better shape, mentally, as well.

New dogs..... possibly two new dogs outside of Atlanta, a young brother/sister pair. Stay tuned for more possibly more info.
Updates....... here is a picture of "Hank", who was recently adopted. He's hanging out with his new new best-est friend in her play house.
I just received some new picture of Prince and Erol, two of the OK Ten dogs that were in such bad shape. I will post them tomorrow.

Transports...... Juliana's magic wand was waived and the puppy transport for this weekend has been filled! A big thank you to the drivers, and to Harry for taking on EIGHT PUPPIES at one time and never complaining even once :-)
Also, thank you, Catherine, who is fostering one of these cute girls. Wonder what Bear is gonna think about that? Or does he not know yet?

That's all for now. Please be sure to let me know if you have anything that you'd like me to post in the adoption that I missed, an update on an adopted dog, a new picture, etc etc.

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Kathleen said...

Hey, Carleen -

I so enjoy reading about the dogs. Thanks for doing the blog.