Sunday, November 9, 2008

Good morning, Anatolian lovers :-) I hope you're all enjoying your weekend.

Let's see, what is going on ...... Karen D. received the proof copy of our calendar and reports that it looks great and doesn't need any changes. I sent the order in yesterday. With any luck, we should have them in hand and ready to mail by the end of the month.

Urgent dogs......Caleb and Roxi are both still in boarding and both still need fosters :-(

Updates.....Shelley S. sent me a wonderful update over the weekend on "Hope & Faith". Some of you will remember Hope & Faith as 2 pups that were bought at an auction in MO several yrs ago for $25 a piece. They came from a puppymill breeder and were too sickly for the puppy broker aka Hunte Corporation, to be interested. Hope has a heart defect and was not expected to live very long. I remember talking with Shelley back then, we were afraid to have her spayed, fearing she wouldn't live thru the surgery Well, they turned 4 yrs old this summer and are both doing great. They're living the good life in southern California now, and have a very devoted family who takes great care of them. See a picture of Faith from when she was a puppy (right hand corner).
HELP!!!.......On a less cheerful note, the 3 ASD Pyrs that Shelley had picked up last week in Arkansas are in desperate need of fosters. 2 are pretty tame but the other two really need to be w/someone who is dog savvy and is able to work with an unsocialized dog. We're hoping to split them up b/c they feed off each other and get into that 'pack mentality' right now when they're together. Anyone up for a project? looks like Hank is being adopted! Hank is one of 3 brothers that we took in at the age of 2 wks old last summer. Linda Lauterbach bottle fed them while we looked for a foster home. They are all big boys now, weighing about 60 pounds at 4 months old. Hanks brother, Bubba, flew to Michigan and his other brother, Max, is now living in Houston, I believe.
"Chase", another one of our TX dogs, went on a home visit yesterday and we are hopeful that this is a good match. The couple recently lost their 12 yo ASD and miss him very much. Keep your fingers and paws crossed for Chase, we think this might be a really good home for him.
Transport news.........Beth waved her magic wand and filled Elvis' transport from Arkansas to Illinois this weekend. Elvis is now on his way to Jim Hart's in Rockford IL. Elvis' family gave him to us b/c they are having a baby soon. Elvis has charmed all of the transport drivers so far. See his picture in the left hand corner. This is Elvis @ his overnight stop last night. Whatta handsome guy he is. The drivers have been wonderful with him, he's gotten such great care, he looks like he is taking it all in stride. I hope Elvis and Jim's adopted ASD, Nala, hit it off and become great buddies.

Well I guess that's about all for now. I hope everyone has a great Sunday.


Semavi Lady said...

Send me a comment if you'd like me to add your blog to the Anatolian Blogroll. I'll add you as soon as the feed is 'unbroken'. :)

All the best!

AnatolianRescueLady said...

Sure, that would great!

Semavi Lady said...

Great! For now, I posted a link to you at my blog. As soon as the "Blogrolling" software is able to add new sites, I'll put you in!

AnatolianRescueLady said...

Thanks much :-)