Sunday, November 23, 2008

Good morning!

Featured dog.....this is a picture of "Jake", who used to be "Joey". He and his 2 brothers were pulled from a Kentucky kill shelter last year. They were all fostered in OH w/Jody Shaw.

This is Jake w/his new owner, Sherri. He now lives in Florida and is Sherri's constant companion. She takes Jake everywhere she goes....road trips, the beach, you name it, he's there! Jake had been adopted by someone else last year and that lasted less than 24 hours. Jake chewed up part of their couch so they drove him back to Ohio. I guess Jake must have known that Sherri was waiting for him. They look like they are best buddies :-)

Updates..........Roxy is out of the boarding kennel and in her new home!!! YAY!! So far she is doing well. First reports have her playing with her new ASD brother and is only mildly interested in the cats. She's learned how to use the doggy door too. We're so happy for Roxy to be in a caring home and getting some TLC that she certainly deserves.

Thank you to all of you that have been worried about her, especially Carol H. :-)

Transports........Juliana reports that Minka and Ramzi, the 2 pups from the GA kill shelter, made it safely to their overnight layover last night. They seem to be weathering the trip fairly well. Ramzi was coughing last week after getting out of the shelter and now it looks as though Minka has picked it up too. Ramzi's been on meds all week and we're going to get more meds for Minka so we're hoping this kennel cough won't turn into anything worse. Keep these two babies in your thoughts, we hope they both feel better soon. looks like the calendars have been arriving in mailboxes this week. If anyone forgot to get their order in on time, we did order about 5 extras. If you want to order one, just drop me an email

Karen D has had her computer at the "doctor" all week so if anyone has been trying to reach her.....she's not ignoring you!

I hope you're all enjoying your weekend~

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Kathleen said...

That's good news about Jake and Roxi. How nice that Jake/Joey ended up at the beach.