Saturday, November 15, 2008

Good morning!
HELP!!.....This pretty girl in the picture is known only as "Mamma Dog" right now. She is half Anatolian and half Pyrenees. Shelley Smith in Little Rock rescued Mamma and her 3 girl pups. All of them are looking for foster or adoption! If anyone is able to help Mamma or one of the girls please let us know!

Updates........Karen is working on a possible adoption for our senior girl, Roxy, in New Mexico! Keep your paws crossed that this works out for her, she seems so sad in the boarding kennel.

The two new pups, Ramzi and Minka, in Georgia, are safely out of the shelter and into a boarding kennel. They're going to be trying to make their way to Jody in OH next weekend. Stay tuned for transport details.

THANK YOU Jody :-)

Remember little Jonah in Wyoming, the pup with the tear duct problem? Karen W, his foster mom, reports that he is gaining weight and starting to act like a real puppy. He still has the tear duct problem and he is still battling a horrible URI but he's on different antibiotics now and they seem to be helping.
Keep up the good thoughts for Jonah! He's making progress but still has a long way to go.

Urgent dogs........We still have Caleb in boarding with no foster or adoption on the horizon, unfortunately.

Cooper's temp foster is extremely anxious to move him, too, but we don't have anywhere for him to go either :-(
As mentioned earlier, we still need fosters for the Arkansas girls, too!
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Hope you all have a great weekend.

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