Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Good Morning!

Let's see, what is going on this week.......well, we had a "false alarm", thinking a foster home had opened up for Caleb, one of our TX dogs that is in boarding. It sounded like a good match but the applicants changed their minds about adding a new dog right now. So Caleb is still looking for a foster or adoption.

Other Urgent dogs.......Roxi is still in boarding. We are going to have to find a place to move her by the 26th of this month bc the kennel is full for the holiday. We can bring her back on the 1st if we have to but will need to find a different spot for her, at least for those 4 days. The kennel owner says Roxi is a very sweet girl , we're hoping he can send us some better pictures for her listing on the website.

Schnee in TX has a foster! Yay!!

No change on the other urgent dogs http://www.nasrn.com/URGENTdogs.htm

Transports......Elvis has arrived in Illinois! He is now with Jim Hart and family, getting acquainted with the new people and dogs, etc. Elvis charmed all of his transport drivers, many of which had never met an Anatolian before.

This weekend, Juliana is working on a short transport from Salisbury NC to Clemson SC, transporting a 6 m/o ASD pup. If anyone is in that area and wants to help, please contact Juliana when she sends out the transport request!

Adoptions........It's official! Chase is being adopted by a wonderful couple in Longview, TX. He's going to have lots of room to run and his very own private pond to splash around in.

Dr. Pat in Houston updated me on her adoptions......she's been very busy!

Bubba, who is now "Aspen" is with his new family in Michigan.

Aceyla and Havva, both saved from Houston area kill shelters, were adopted by a family that had previously adopted a male Anatolian named Quinn. Quinn and his 2 new girlfriends have a 10 acre "yard" to call their own and are having a great time together.

"Budmeister", the senior dog dumped at a kill shelter by his owner, has become Dr. Pat's official guardian and mascot at her vet clinic. He's won the hearts of all the staff and seems quite content with his new "job".

Great job, Dr. Pat! Aceyla, Havva and Buddy all faced certain euthanasia if she had not stepped in to help them.

Updates....... the Arkansas 4 are really in serious need of foster homes. I hope to have them listed on the website in the next day or so. Mamma dog is gorgeous. Stay tuned for pics.

Our featured picture today is of "Ein" aka Einstein. Jan Duncan took him in to foster a couple of weeks ago. Apparently Ein is an avid gardener.

Well, thats all for now.

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