Monday, November 17, 2008

Happy Monday :-)

Let's see what's going on today........not a whole lot, really. A few things worth mentioning......

Transports....Juliana is working on a run to move the 2 new pups in Georgia, Ramzi & his sister, Minka, to foster care in OH. Keep an eye out for the transport updates! If you might be able to help be sure to send a note to Juliana. These two babies "must" travel this weekend b/c the kennel does not have room for them over the holiday.

New dogs.....we have a new listing today for a very pretty 1 y/o female in western WA state. Her name is Dawn. I will be posting her to the lists soon.

Updates......Schnee in TX is now in his foster home. His owners fell on hard financial times and couldn't afford to care for him properly anymore. It was a tearful good bye when his foster mom picked him up. Very sad times for a lot of people right now. We're very happy that we are able to help Schnee. He's being vetted today and after he puts a little weight on he will be neutered. We will be sure to send updates to his family so they know he's being well cared for.

Adoptions..... Talk about being in the right place at the right time.... Anna (see picture at top) somehow found herself alone, out in the country. She wandered up to a farm but was not welcome there. Despite being given the cold shoulder, she continued to hang around. One of our regular transport drivers just happened to be in the area and recognized Anna as being an Anatolian.

She immediately got ahold of Jody Shaw. Long story short, Anna was transported to Jody's for foster care and within a couple of weeks she was adopted by Kim Poisson.
Anna has fit in like she was tailor made! She gets along with everyone, including Kim's goats. Kim reports that Anna does a "head count" every day, giving each goat a sniff and a lick, making sure they are all accounted for. Sounds like Miss Anna has found the home she was looking for.

Well, I think that's about all I have today. Hope everyone had a great weekend.

PS: Calendars are printed and on their way to Karen D!

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