Saturday, November 1, 2008

I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!

Please think good thoughts for little Jonah (in the picture). He's about 6 months old and was found by some oil field workers near Rock Springs WY. He was starving and sick and had a bad eye infection. His poor little belly was swollen from not having any food. Karen Wegner took him home and has been nursing him back to health. Unfortunately, Karen just found out that one of Jonah's eyes is not producing tears. The vet is going to try to flush the tear ducts and hope that helps, but if not, we're not sure what baby Jonah's fate might be.

So please think good thoughts for this sweet little guy!

Roxi in New Mexico is at the boarding kennel but she MUST be out before Thanksgiving b/c the kennel is already booked for the holiday. So we have less than a month to come up with a spot for her. The kennel owner says she's a really nice dog. She is next to a Pyrenees and they seem to be ok w/one another. I feel so bad for the older dogs. She should be relaxing on a soft dog bed or sunning herself on the porch, not in a lonely kennel by herself. :-(

We also still have 5 pure bred ASD pups in North Carolina looking for foster or adoption! All girls, they were born in May of this year. Harry is working on getting individual pics for us but he says they all look alike :-)There are some group photos on the website click on "available dogs" and then Southern Region.

We have a little over 150 calendars ordered! We are really excited about that. Not bad for our first year.

I'm not able to place the order until Monday so if there are any last minute orders, just shoot me an e mail and we will put you on the order list.

Juliana and Beth have a transport running next weekend from Fayetteville, AR to Rockford IL. Anyone along that route that wants to meet ELVIS, in person, be sure to drop them a note! Elvis is on his way to his foster home with Jim Hart and family.

We received an update on "Ein", Jan Duncan's new foster boy in Salem OR. Apparently Ein and Clyde (remember Clyde from WY??) are best-est buddies, romping, wrestling and slobbering all over the place. I think this is the happiest Ein has been in a long time. Thanks so much for helping him Jan!

Well, I hope you all have a great weekend :-)


KristiLynn said...

Hey Carleen, I think this blog is one of your best idea's yet! What a neat way read about what's going on!

Kathleen said...

We'll be thinking good thoughts for Jonah.

AnatolianRescueLady said...

Kristi and Kathleen,
Thanks to you both :-)

Keep the good thoughts coming for little Jonah. I think BOTH of his eyes are in trouble and he may go blind. Poor little baby. Please keep him in your thoughts.