Friday, November 21, 2008

TGIF! Not like that means anything, people seem to dump their dogs 7 days a week, even on holidays. :-(
There was a discussion the other day on the support group list about introducing Anatolians to babies, so I thought this was a good picture to post today.
Who says you can't have a baby AND keep your dog???

Transport update.....Juliana has Minka and Ramzi's transport filled! They will be on their way to Jody tomorrow! A special thanks to Juliana and all of the transport drivers for making this happen. With the upcoming holiday, they were going to be booted out of the boarding kennel w/nowhere to go. The volunteers say they are both really sweet pups so hopefully they will be adopted soon! A big thanks to Jody for always being there to help the dogs in need.

Urgent dog update.......ROXY, the senior girl dumped @ the shelter days before her 10th birthday is being ADOPTED!!! We are so, so very excited for her. We are hoping that Roxy behaves with the kitties at her home and hope this will turn out to be a great home for her.

Other urgent dogs remain in need of foster or adoptions. See all of them here:

Karen D mailed most of the calendars out earlier this week. I will be sending out e mails to the few people that still need to send in their pyts. I hope everyone likes their calendars, they should be arriving soon.
Hope you all have a great weekend. Happy Tails :-)

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KristiLynn said...

The calendar was recvd and it's beautiful! I hope it was a profitable venture, because I cant wait to send in pictures of Bo and Hoss for next year.

The girls loved discovering Elvis as they flipped through it.

Job well done.