Wednesday, December 17, 2008

December 17, 2008

FEATURED DOG: This is "Merlin". Merlin was dumped in a Florida shelter last year. Being an older dog, he wasn't considered very adoptable. Merlin hitched a ride all the way up to Ohio where he was adopted by his foster mom, Jody Shaw. Merlin is a handsome guy, isn't he? Gotta love these older dogs..... I think Anatolians just get better as they get older.
Looks like winter is here in many parts of the country! Even though our big guys & gals are hearty dogs and have a thick undercoat, they do still need a place to get out of the wind, rain or snow. A nice thick bed of dry hay or straw or a raised bed off the cold ground will help keep them cozy if they sleep outside. The senior dogs and young pups are always more sensitive to cold/hot temps so please be sure to give extra care the the older guys/gals and the babies too.

UPDATE: Cody & Scooby are out of the shelter and in their foster home. Well, Cody is in his temporary foster and is waiting for a ride to his longer term foster in Riverside area.

TRANSPORT: Anyone along the route between Fresno, CA and Riverside CA.?? If you aren't busy this weekend and might want to help w/Cody's transport, be sure to send a note to our Transport Director, Juliana Lipe

GET WELL WISHES!! Sending big hugs and get well wishes to ......

"Alex" (Ingram) We hope you're feeling better after your knee surgery!
"Annie" (Moore) Hoping you're feeling better after your recent surgery after suffering from bloat/twisted stomach.
URGENT: We do have another urgent dog in a kill shelter. She is a pretty white Akbash Dog in Weatherford, TX. Her kill date is Friday, December 19th. We're looking for a foster home for her, even if it's short term. We can board her after Christmas but the kennel is full until then!
If anyone is able to help, please contact Tammy Ardolf

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