Monday, December 1, 2008

I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday last week!

Updates.......some VERY good news! Bonnie, the girl in DFW area that went missing about 3 weeks ago has been found!! Believe it or not, Bonnie actually jumped "in" to someone's yard! Foster dad said he figures, after a couple of weeks on the run, she had enough of it and found a yard to jump into. Luckily, the people were very nice, they even took her to the vet. I'm thrilled to report that Bonnie is now safely home with her foster dad. She's pretty skinny, full of ticks and a bit frazzled over the whole ordeal, but she was extremely glad to see foster dad and made a beeline for the house when they got home.

Another DFW dog, Caleb, is out of the kennel and settling in to his foster home. So far he is doing well and getting along with all of the Basset Hounds. Foster mom reports that Caleb has a fondness for squeaky toys, is playful, good natured and an all around good boy.

ADOPTED: I'm happy to report that "Amdo" in Oregon was adopted over the weekend! Amdo has been in foster care for quite awhile, so we are all happy for him that he now has a family to call his own. Special thanks to his foster mom, Chyril, for taking such good care of him while we were waiting for that special home to come along for him.

URGENT: We are still in desperate need of a foster home for Cooper in Pryor, OK. His temp. foster mom is saying she will take him to the shelter if we cannot find a place for him ASAP. If anyone is interested in fostering him, please let us know! He's about 8-10 mo's old, neutered, vetted, housebroken and good with other dogs. You can see Cooper's picture and read more about him here:

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