Monday, December 8, 2008

Monday Morning

Good morning! I hope you all had a great weekend.

Let's see, what's going on today...........

Our featured dog today is "Bear". In 2003, Bear was adopted by Linda Palmateer in MD. Sadly, Linda lost her big Bear much too soon in 2006. Bear was a magnificent dog and he is deeply missed. On our Rainbow Bridge page, Linda writes, in part:

I think Bear sometimes thought he was a little dog. He would try and sit in my lap while I watched TV. If I sat on the floor his big ol’ head was resting in my lap. If I was on one side of the room he would belly crawl over to me, just so that he could be as close as possible. If I sat on the loveseat he would put his head on the cushion, looking adoringly up at me with those ancient and wise looking yellow/green eyes. I would then scratch his nubbies, the name we gave his cropped ears. I love him and miss him so much.

You can see all of the memorials on our Rainbow Bridge page here. Be sure to have kleenex:

URGENT DOGS: We still have many dogs in urgent need of foster or adoptive homes.
Cooper in Pryor OK and Blondie & Clyde in Waco TX are the most urgent right now.
All 3 of these dogs are good with other dogs and are friendly with people. If anyone might be able to offer help to one of them, please drop me a note. We will always do our best to help w/transport within an appx range of 1,000 miles.

You can see all of our urgent needs dogs here:

NEW URGENT DOG: Kelly is a 3 yo female Anatolian Shepherd Dog. She was purchased as a working dog but that is not working out as her owner had hoped. "This working dog is not working out", I guess you could say.
She is good with adult animals but chases babies.
Kelly is very people oriented so she would probably do best in a home where she isn't asked to live 24/7 with the livestock.
Right now, we are looking for a foster home for her so we can spay, vet and evaluate her. She is in Clarkesville, GA. You can see her picture here:

UPDATE: "Ellie" in CA will be taken off the urgent list today. She has a foster home to go to next weekend. With any luck, things will work out well and this will be Ellie's "forever" home.

TRANSPORT: Loki traveled to his foster home this weekend, the trip went off without a hitch! By all reports, Loki was a good traveler and was a good will ambassador for the breed. We hope he will settle nicely into his foster home quickly.

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