Sunday, December 14, 2008

No Vacancy

"NO VACANCY"..........I feel like that's the sign hanging over our heads right now but it doesn't stop the flow of dogs knocking at the door, needing help to escape euthanasia.

Usually, if we're in a life or death situation and a dog needs out "right now", we would find a place to board him/her. Being the holiday season, it's next to impossible to find a kennel with any space.

Our featured dog this morning is "Cody". He and his brother are in a shelter in Madera California.

He is slated to be killed tomorrow morning unless we're able to find a foster for him.

We "have" had one offer to foster Cody and his brother, but that offer is from Washington and I'm not sure if we can find a place for them to stay while we work out transport, and, I'm not even sure if we can get a transport filled that quickly.

So, right now, his fate is still unknown.

UPDATES.......... not a lot of updates, actually. Most of our urgent dogs are still in urgent need of fosters.

Ellie in CA, the cute girl with the cropped ears, did manage to find a foster home this past week, so that's good news.

A cute pup named Hollywood was adopted by his foster family this week also.

I guess that's about all. Please think PAWSitive thoughts for Cody and Scooby in the Madera CA shelter. Feel free to cross post their plight today. We only have until Monday morning at 8 am to come up with something.

Here are their Petfinder links:


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