Friday, December 19, 2008


Santa's handsome helper is "LG" (Life's Good). LG and some of his siblings were dumped in a shelter last year b/c their owner had too many dogs. When he came to Carol Bauman's home as a foster dog, he was terrified of everyone and everything. LG had spent most of his life in a little pen w/basically no human interaction. He's come a long way since then.....Carol has treated him for Lyme disease and heartworms too. Thanks to Carol, LG has a loving home now and is learning that life outside that little pen is not so scary after all.

TRANSPORT: Thanks to Juliana and some very kind & generous drivers, Cody will be traveling to Winchester, CA to his foster home w/Heather S and family! Cody is one of the Madera CA dogs that barely escaped a death sentence at the shelter on Monday.

WARM WISHES go out to Diane Thiel, one of our foster moms. Please keep Diane and her family in your thoughts as her son begins his second tour in Iraq.

NORTHERN CA: "URGENT" We have another dog in a northern CA shelter that is in urgent need of a foster home. Stay tuned for more info. Her name is "Holly".

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