Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Help for Heidi

This is Heidi. She is a 3 yo female brindle pinto Anatolian Shepherd Dog. She was left in the overnight drop box at a county shelter in CA.

Whoever "owned" Heidi didn't do a very good job of caring for her. They cared so little for her that they couldn't even be bothered to walk her into the shelter, they had to do it in the dark of night so no one would see them.

Heidi has suffered miserably with chronic ear infections that have went untreated. Not for days or weeks. Not even for months. We're talking years...... she's suffered for years with her ears hurting her, every single day, every single minute.
Now her ears are beyond repair. She is already deaf and she is in constant pain.
The only remedy is a bilateral ear ablation.

What this means is everything will be removed from inside her ears. She will remain deaf but she will be rid of the constant pain that she's had to deal with for so long.

We knew Heidi had this problem when we pulled her from the shelter. We knew it would be expensive to give her the treatment that she needed. We think Heidi is worth it. She's a young dog and she has many good years left ahead of her.
She is a very sweet, kind and loving dog. We think she deserves a chance at a happy life with no pain.

The cost of Heidi's surgery, including her spay is going to be $4270. Her ears are so bad that we cannot wait to raise the money, so we will put it on credit and work hard to raise the money over the next 30 days. Heidi is undergoing surgery today, 2/17/09.

We are hoping to raise as much money as possible to help pay for Heidi's surgery.
NASRN is a 501(c)(3) organization and donations to our group are tax deductible.
No donation is too small.
Just think, if 100 people donated just $10 a piece, we would raise $1000.00
I know times are tough but $10 isn't too terribly much. If we all pull together, we can give Heidi the pain free life that she deserves.

You can make a donation via PayPal at our website www.NASRN.com
If you would like to mail a check, you can do so by sending it to:
2457 W. Skyline Lane
Queen Creek, AZ 85242

Please make checks payable to "NASRN".

For more information on making a donation, please contact Joy Abbitt w/NASRN Fundraising at fabbitt@yahoo.com

For more information on Heidi, you can contact me at anatolianrescue@yahoo.com

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