Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Norah Goes Home!

Norah and her 4 sisters were turned into a shelter last summer because the owners were in violation of a county ordinance and had "too many dogs".

That was probably the best thing that ever happened to those girls!

Last weekend, Norah traveled from her foster home in Tucson, AZ to her new home in the Rocky Mtns of Colorado. Norah is pictured here with her new mom, Cheryl, on their way home.

Many thanks to our extremely dedicated Transport Director, Juliana Lipe, for setting the trip up. We are all very thankful to the wonderful transport drivers that donated their time and gas to help Norah get home.

Special thanks to Foster Mom, Barb Stoddard, for taking care of Norah while she was waiting for the right home to come along, and a big thank you to Cheryl for opening her home to Norah and giving her this fresh start.

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