Monday, March 16, 2009

Anatolian Shepherd Rescue Railroad

As many of you know, NASRN runs a lot of relay transports for our rescue dogs. Since we are a national organization, we have dogs in foster homes all over the US. Many times we don't have a foster home nearby for a dog that is in a kill shelter so we have to send that dog out of the area to a foster home. The only way we can do that is with a "relay" transport of all volunteer drivers.

These drivers give up their Saturday or Sunday and donate their gas, time and energy to drive anywhere from 50-250 miles to help a dog they've never met before and are likely to never see again.
They are true "rescue angels" and we are so thankful to all of them.

NASRN is fortunate enough to have 2 very dedicated Transport Coordinators, Juliana Lipe and Beth Goldowitz. Between the two of them they stay very busy, coordinating transports for our dogs in order to get them to their foster or adoptive homes.

This weekend they set up transports for "Indy" and "Rosie".
Indy was pulled from death row in a TN shelter and was hitching a ride to his foster home in Ohio.
"Rosie" was given up, along with 7 of her littermates, and traveled from North Carolina to her new mom in MA.

If anyone would like to help out on a transport, we are always looking for more drivers!
You can contact either of our Coordinators and/or join our Anatolian Rescue Railroad group.

Juliana Lipe
Beth Goldowitz

Read More About Anatolian Rescue Railroad and join the group!

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