Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A little Good News For A Change!
One of our "Longtimers", Jack, in Ohio, was finally adopted last weekend! Jack has been in foster care for close to 3 yrs. We hope the very best for Jack and his new family. A big thank you to Suzi, Jack's foster mom, for taking such good care of him for so long.

Another adoption: "Ein" in Oregon was adopted last week. He's the "Flower Pot Dog".
Ein is only 2 yrs old but he's been in at least 5 homes during that time. His new family is very excited to have him and he is doing great so far. Ein was fortunate enough to spend the last 5 months with his wonderful foster mom, Jan Duncan, and her "crew" of ASDs.

Needing Foster or Adoption!!These guys/gals are looking for foster or adoptive homes "ASAP":
You can see "Shera" in Burleson TX here

You can see "Izak" in Burleson TX here

You can see "Apollo" in Utah here

You can see "Tiny"in Phoenix AZ here

You can email me with any questions at anatolianrescue@yahoo.com

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