Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Whatta face!!
This is Izak on his trip to the boarding kennel today. We couldn't find a foster home for him in time, so, to keep him from being put to sleep (sleep?? that's a nice way of putting it) we are paying to board him at a kennel in Burleson TX (DFW Area).
He is so very sweet and Linda said he would lay his head on her shoulder when she was driving. She said he was scared and confused but as sweet as can be.
If anyone might be interested in fostering this handsome boy, we'll always do our best to help w/transport within a 1,000 mile radius!!

On the flip side, we've had two adoptions this week! "Toli", one of the puppies transported from OK to AZ last weekend, went home with his new family last night!

Also, "Sparky" in IL has a new family anxiously waiting for him in KY. Stay tuned for the transport in the next week or so. Sparky was an owner turn know the story....a new baby and *bam* the dog gets kicked out of the family. Sparky is a lucky guy, though, and he has a wonderful new life ahead of him.

The good news/bad news of this is even though we had two adoptions this week, we listed about 4-6 new dogs. :-(

Well, that's all the "news" for now! Be sure to spread the word about Izak and our other dogs needing fosters and adoptions!!

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