Wednesday, April 8, 2009

King of Arkansas

About 4 yrs ago, Shelley Smith w/Dogs Only Inc. in Little Rock AR received a call from the local dog pound that there might be an Anatolian at their facility.
The shelter vet believed this dog had bone cancer due to a large lump on one of his front legs.
Not one to be deterred by something like that, Shelley had someone take a look at the dog and then decided to take him into their rescue program, cancer or not.

Once Shelley got "King" to the vet and they opened up his leg, much to everyone's surprise, a 9mm slug rolled on to the operating table!
King's shoulder had been shattered by the bullet and he needed some TLC and down time to recuperate and put some weight on.
King had apparently been laying in basically the same spot for at least a week after he had been shot. He was covered with hundreds of ticks and was emaciated. It's amazing that he survived on his own after being wounded like that.

Even during his recovery, King was still being true to his heritage and could not sit idly by when he could hear noises on the other side of the privacy fence.
King would jump,from a stand still, high enough to see over the 6 ft fence. He never tried to go over the fence but he was determined to get a look at whatever was going on.
King was adopted by a family who had recently lost their female Anatolian. King's new family was in the military and had grown fond of the breed while stationed in Turkey. King is quite content these days to lay around with "his" two donkeys. King's dad reports that King instantly appointed himself as the donkey's guardians when he brought them home.

I'm so glad that Shelley didn't turn her back on him when the shelter vet said he probably had cancer. Just goes to show that it pays to get a second opinion!!

Way to go, King, you're a true survivor and a testament to the strength and determination of the Anatolian Shepherd Dog.

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Kathleen said...

Shelley is an amazing woman, Carleen. And, so are you!