Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hunterdon New Jersey, Anatolian Shepherd needs foster or adopt

Cheyenne is a stunning Anatolian Shepard . Her coat is predominately light tan in color with black flecks throughout. She has dark gray ears and muzzle, a large fuzzy tail that curls over her back and white feet that are speckled with tan. Her eyes are a dark caramel color and droop slightly - very cute! We believe Cheyenne is approximately 2 1/2 years old.
She's a loving girl that would be happy to spend her entire day napping at someone's feet. with the occasional interruption of a few strokes on the head. However, she does enjoy getting outside and taking walks or relaxing in the sun. Though, her favorite past time is playing in the snow.

This loving and loyal dog was found as a stray. Shortly after being found someone noticed that she was limping and her left hind leg looked somewhat atrophied. It was then that Cheyenne was diagnosed with terminal bone cancer. Her left hind leg had to be amputated and her prognosis is poor. Despite the odds, Cheyenne continues to do well without any signs or side effects of the cancer. Of course the biggest concern with this type of cancer is that it will spread to her chest, so she requires radio graphs every 3 months to monitor the condition of her lungs.

Cheyenne has an understanding on a few basic commands, but she is very head strong and intelligent, so she needs an experienced and assertive owner. Additionally, Cheyenne has a small degree of separation anxiety and does not do well when crated. (She can work her way out of just about anything - honestly, we've tried.)

Overall, Cheyenne is a wonderful companion despite her little quirks. She would do best as an only pet, but does get along well with cats. Although, at this time we would not recommend that she be left unsupervised around them. She also gets along with some dogs; however, it is imperative that she have a clear understanding of the pack order (and the fact that she's not top dog).

Update: Cheyenne had her second round of radio graphs and she still shows no signs of metastatic disease. This is amazing considering she was given 6 months to live over seven months ago!

Cheyenne is in Hunterdon NJ and is in need of a FOSTER or ADOPTIVE home. If you are interested in learning more about Cheyenne, please contact Danielle at


Mary said...

Anyone interested in Cheyenne should be aware of the Tripawds website. It's a wonderful place of support and information for 3-legged dogs (and their people), most of whom are battling cancer. www.tripawds.com

LiveWorkDream said...

She is such a beautiful girl. We hope she finds a home fast.

If anyone has any doubts about what a tripawd can do, with or without cancer, all they need to do is check out our Jerry's story at Tripawds.com. Miracles do happen!

Please contact us if you ever have any other Tripawds available for adoption, we're happy to post their stories in our rescue forum.