Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Wayne Township NJ: 2 ASDs in desperate need of help


Ana and Nick are pure bred Anatolian Shepherds that were seized from their owners in an abuse case. They are both in a shelter and are in desperate need of foster or adoptive homes ASAP.

Ana's collar was embedded into her neck when she was first taken from her owners. The collar was surgically removed and the wound has healed well. She still has a bald spot there but the hair should grow back soon.

Both dogs are very sweet with people and are very thankful for any bit of kindness they are shown.

Nick is appx 6-7 yrs old and is very calm and mellow.

Ana is appx 4-5 yrs old, she is very sweet and mellow as well.

They get along with each other but they have not been tested with other dogs at the shelter.

We are in need of either foster or adoptive homes for both of them. They do not need to stay together, so they can go to different fosters or adoptions, however, if someone was able to take them as a pair that would be fine too.

We will do our best to assist with transport within 1000 miles.

This is a picture of Ana.

Please e mail me if you are able to help these two. They certainly deserve a second chance to have a good life, they have suffered way too long.

If anyone is able to help or needs more information, please email me at anatolianrescue@yahoo.com

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