Friday, August 7, 2009

Almost two years ago, someone sent me a picture of a pitiful looking dog in a shelter in Ft. Worth TX. He had an injured eye and the shelter was not going to put him up for adoption. We weren't sure if he was Anatolian but there were no other groups that wanted to take him so we decided we would bail him out. He looked so sad that is would have been hard to turn him down.

"Smut", as he was named back then, was turned into the shelter by his owner. Owner said his neighbor purposely hurt the dog and he was afraid the the dog's safety.

He was renamed Samson or Sam for short and he traveled to Shelley Smith in Little Rock for foster care.

Shelley ended up adopting Samson to a wonderful home with the Simmons'. He is a much loved member of the family and he travels on all of their trips with him.
It's hard to tell this is the same sad, dirty, matted dog we pulled from the shelter.
Looks like Samson is living the good life now and we are so happy for him.
Below is a little note from Samson's dad, George:

"I wanted you to know that Samson has finishes growing and is a great dog. He is 31" at the withers, 135# and has developed abundant confidence. In his 20 months with us he has visited 22 states, D.C., New Brunswick and Quebec. He loves to go and we love him. Every day he makes people happy when they see him or get to touch him.

Thanks again for saving him for us!

George Simmons"

Here is Sam in Boothbay ME and also at the Grand Canyon

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Michale said...

That is so wonderful that Sam got such a terrific family. He had such a hard beginning he must be like our 2 rescues and think he has died and gone to heaven. God Bless Sam and his family. Michale