Sunday, August 2, 2009


As many of you may remember, last winter we were notified by a shelter about a beautiful brindle pinto female Anatolian named Heidi.
Heidi had been dumped in the shelter's over night drop box, her owners too cowardly to even have the decency to walk into the shelter and show their faces.

Heidi had not been well cared for. According to the vet, she had suffered for years from chronic ear infections that had left her ears permanently damaged. Her ears were so swollen and infected that you could not even see her ear canals, they were swollen shut. She had red and green discharge coming from them. It was not a pretty sight.
The vet told us he had never, in all his years of practice, seen ears as bad as Heidi's.

The only solution for Heidi was a bilateral total ear ablation. This would mean she would be completely deaf in both ears.
The cost of this surgery would be just shy of $5,000.00.

We knew that was an awful lot of money to spend on just one dog, but, the decision was made that if we could raise the money for the surgery, then Heidi would have her ears treated. Given the fact she is so young and has such an incredibly sweet personality, we just could not see putting her down.

So....thanks to all of the caring and generous Anatolian lovers, we were able to raise enough money to give Heidi the surgery she needed.
That was in February, almost 6 months ago.

Today, Heidi is living the good life with her foster-mom-turned-adoptive-mom, Tina Burkhart. Heidi has two "rescue brothers", Grady and Murphy, who were part of the "Oklahoma Ten" family.
She loves her brothers and she loves her family.
Tina says she is a very sweet girl that enjoys life. Heidi does not let her deafness hinder her at all and her allergies have also cleared up.

A very big THANK YOU to all of you that helped make this possible for Heidi
and we're also thankful to Tina for giving Heidi the loving home that she deserves.

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