Monday, October 19, 2009


Meet Ilsa!

Ilsa is 8 years old, spayed female Turkish Kangel also known as Anatolian Shepherd Dog. Ilsas previous owner became terminally ill and sadly had to give up the beautiful dog she raised from a pup.

Ilsa is a BIG sweetheart. She loves people, all people! She is great with kids (we have not had her around very small children but we suspect she would be fine). Ilsa is very affectionate, outgoing, and playful. She is well behaved on the leash and loves going for walks.

Ilsa has a charming doggie vocabulary of soft crooning vocalizations that she uses to communicate with her human friends. Ilsa is a guardian breed and she will bark to alert you if something unusual is going on, but she will stop barking if told to or if she determines there is no danger.

Ilsa is healthy and eats regular dog food, but she is getting "creaky" in her golden years. Ilsa seems perfectly happy with human only companions and generally does not seek out the company of other dogs. If you are considering her for a multi-dog home she would probably do best with non-dominate, laid back dogs and she seems better with males than females.

Ilsa is one of those dogs who seem more like a person than a dog. Her beautiful expressive eyes reflect her good nature, her sense of humor, her playful nature, and her contentment in the company of friends.

If you have room in your life for an older gal who is looking for a person or family to call her own again please let us know.

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