Monday, November 16, 2009


Sam and Lilly were turned into a shelter when their owner got a job out of state. He packed up and moved and dumped this pair in the local kill shelter.

They have been in foster home for awhile now and are patiently waiting for a home and family to call their own.

Sam and Lilly are between 6-7 yrs old. They've been fully vetted, spayed and neutered. Seems that everyone wants a puppy but there's a lot to be said for a mature dog. My own opinion is Anatolians are like fine wine and just get better with age. Right now they are at the age where they are comfortable with themselves, they are grounded and well past that puppy-gotta-chew-everything stage.

They are bonded to one another and it is our hope that they can be adopted together, however, we will still be happy to consider individual homes for each of them.
Please read on for more info on Sam and Lilly


It has been a delight having him in my home as a foster dog.
He is very quiet and very gentle. He loves attention and
affection but he likes it on his terms.
Apparently he was
not treated well in his life but aside from his being a little
shy you would never know because he is so loving. Aren't dogs
wonderful that they can forgive and still have hope?

He is one big teddy-bear of a dog. Samson will warm up to
you in his own way. He will come up to you for attention
and run to greet you at the door tail wagging. He likes to
be petted and rubbed everywhere but his head. He has shown
absolutely no negative responses in any circumstance and
will let you do anything to him tho' he is a bit un-sure
what you are going to do. I find that amazing and admirable.

He stands calmly and quietly for a bath, nail clipping,
brushing. He has no food issues with other dogs or people.

He is WONDERFUL with kids. I think he actually enjoys laying
out in the yard while my girls play like he is keeping a watchful
eye out for them.
If you are looking for a companion that
is laid back, easy-going, loves everyone, quiet, gentle, and
affectionate then Samson is the dog for you!
Please consider
giving this wonderful dog a chance in a home where he will be
loved and treated respectfully. He deserves it and has been
waiting for his own special miracle to happen for too long.
If you can bring two dogs into your home he has a sweetheart
named Delilah (Lilly). They are very bonded to each other
and make the perfect pair.


Lilly is quite the clown. She always has a smile on her face and
is so happy to greet you. She loves attention and being petted
and talked to. Lilly has a beautiful coat, soft and longish and
honey and cream colored.
She likes to talk to you and tell you how
much she enjoys being petted. She is very enthusiastic and puppy-like
in many ways. It is very endearing to see her gallop up to you
like a pony. She loves everyone and is dog-friendly too.

She is a little shy sometimes if she does not know what you are going
to do. It is sad that people have such amazing dogs and mistreat them.
She loves to go for walks and just loves being around her 'family'.
She will let you bathe and brush her and do her nails very well.
She rides good in the car too.
As you can see she has the
sweetest face! She is fantastic with children.
Lilly is a special
girl and is so wanting her very own family that will love her and
appreciate her for the queen that she is. If you can find it in
your heart to adopt two of these magnificent dogs, Lilly has a
very special friend that she is quite bonded to. His name is
Samson. They make a superb pair!

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