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My dog, Faith, went missing Christmas day. She is a 120 lbs Anatolian Shepherd with long thick cream/agouti coloring and a black mask and ears. She is spayed and tattooed. She's approx 5 to 7 years old with slight greying on her muzzle. She is very sweet and gentle. She will jump into a car for a ride. Please if you see her or have her in your yard try to coax her indoors if possible and email or call me. I learned that somone in a white truck picked her up two houses away from mine on Saturday. She hates being on a leash and will struggle to get away. My search has now expanded to include all of Houston . Please, any information you have could be helpful. Thank you for your time.

Anatolian Shepherd

Adult, Female

Faith went missing around noon on Christmas day. She was last seen on CR 192 in Liverpool TX. Faith was abandoned on our street several weeks ago and is not familiar with the area. We've since fallen in love with her and consider her a part of our family. We want her back. She's a sweet wonderful dog but she's very shy and absolutely hates collars and leashes. I'm so worried that she will jump into someone's car and then run away because she won't allow anyone to put a leash on her. Please if you have seen her, call me. We just want her safe and back at home, where she belongs.

Please contact Faith's Owner, Katrina at:


If you have any information regarding Faith, please email me at


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