Friday, December 4, 2009

Happy Days for "Husky"

Last September I posted about a senior Anatolian mix named Husky who had been abandoned by his "owners" when they fled their foreclosed home.

Two neighbors had been bringing Husky food and water but Husky's days were numbered at the abandoned house.

Luckily for Husky, Nancy F. read about his situation and volunteered to take him in temporarily. Another local rescue group said they would have room for Husky in two weeks so Nancy said she would hold on to him until they could take him.

Well, two weeks turned into 3 and then turned into a month or more. The local group did not want to take Husky after they found out about all the medical care he needed.
Husky needed to be on thyroid medication and he had terrible ear infections which required frequent (painful) cleanings and medicating.
Nancy continued to take care of Husky, giving him lots of TLC and helping him to regain his strength and health. The two neighbors have continued to pay for all of Husky's veterinary care and travel to Nancy's to visit him even though she lives a couple hours away.

Husky has been with Nancy for about 3 months now and he is doing so well. The vet has told Nancy that Husky is 95% better now. That is a huge improvement considering he was about one week away from death when she got him.

If you look at the pictures of Husky, how he looked when Nancy first got him....and look at him now. He looks like a completely different dog.
He is feeling good and enjoying life, probably for the first time, ever.
He loves going places ..... El Pollo Loco is one of his favorite places to go, he loves their chicken =) He also enjoys the company of Nancy's grandchildren and even feels good enough to play with some of the other dogs.


Thank you so much, Nancy, for opening your home and your heart to this old, dirty, sick dog that didn't have much hope left.
You've given him a new lease on life and given him a loving home with companionship and comfort for his twilight years.


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