Saturday, January 9, 2010


Beth Goldowitz, our Transport Coordinator writes.........

we traveled about 470 miles today (took right around 8 hrs). Tomorrow will be a bit more, probably around 480-500 for the day.

I just spoke with Tom--the dogs have arrived in the Albuquerque area and are making themselves at home! They've had an outing in the snow in the wonderful, large exercise area at Tom and Jean's place, they've had water, they've eaten, and all is well. Tom will be putting them in their sleeping area soon and, we hope, sending some new pictures out for everyone's entertainment.

We had a great--beyond great--a fantastic day of travel today. Other than unnerving a few of the drivers (picture a giant head appearing in your rear-view mirror, or on your shoulder!), the dogs charmed everyone today. We don't know if Sam was being contrary (per Stacey's cautionary warnings about him, I mean) or if he just enjoys travel, but he had no problems at all with our transport routine. Both he and Lilly have been soaking up all the attention and just, it appears, enjoying meeting so many kind, caring people.

We'll hope they have a restful night and wish for smooth travels again tomorrow. Thank you, everyone, for helping them and taking such good care of them!

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Mugsy the DoorOpener said...

Thanks so much for the updates and photos - I can't wait for the next installment!