Saturday, January 9, 2010


Last fall, Sam and Lily were known as "DJ and Gina". They had been dumped at a kill shelter in Abilene TX by their owner when he moved out of town.

Since then, Sam and Lily have been in foster care, waiting for that perfect home....waiting for that special family who wanted to adopt both of them ,as a pair, because they are so incredibly bonded to one another.
It's hard enough to find a home for "one" Anatolian but finding one home for "two" Anatolians is a daunting task!

About a month ago I was contacted by a couple in British Columbia Canada. They are long time Anatolian owners and had recently lost their beloved Turk to old age.
They spotted Sam and Lily on Petfinder and wondered if it was even possible for them to adopt since they were in Canada.

This inquiry sparked much conversation between myself, the Streets (in Canada), Stacey, Sam and Lily's foster mom, and Beth and Juliana, our wonderful Transport Coordinators.
It was decided that Sam and Lily were hitting the road for an incredible 3200+ mile journey to British Columbia.

That journey begins this morning. Sam and Lily are traveling to Phoenix AZ this weekend. They will lay over for a week in Phoenix in a temporary foster home and then head out once again next Saturday. They will travel nearly the entire length of California and head into Oregon to meet Lauri and Sheri Street, their new owners.
The 4 of them will then head north to BC next Sunday.

Beth and Juliana have coordinated many (many!) transports over the years for our rescue dogs but this is the "mother of all transports".
Normally we do not attempt such monumental trips but we all felt that this was a very special home for Sam and Lily and it would allow them to stay together, which we all felt was very important.
Stay tuned for updates and pictures as Sam and Lily make their way from the tumbleweed studded land of west TX to the beautiful Pacific Northwest!


Shellie said...

Oh, this is so wonderful! It just made my day! If you ever need help with a transport please let me know Carleen. Shellie

Gammi B said...

These are two VERY blessed doggies! If I were a doggie, I would want to be adopted by this couple!! They are GREAT folks!!

Ron, Shirley & Barclay said...

I know the Street's personally, and these dogs couldn't go to a more loving home than this one. These people are amazing. Sam and Lily are two very fortunate dogs to have the Street's as their new owners. They will both have a wonder life with them.

Janet Fraser said...

I also know Sheri and Laurie personaly and these two dogs couldn't be going to a more loving home. I wish them a safe trip to meet up with the Streets and the four of them have a safe trip back to B.C.!