Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Well, after 2 weeks and more than 3200 miles logged, Sam & Lily are now officially Canadians!
Here is a note from their new owners........

Hello All!!

I have not caught up with the email or facebook msgs yet, but will do that ASAP! I just wanted everyone to know that we crossed the border into Canada around 1 pm today (Sunday) -- gorgeous sunshine and blue skies, with magestic snow-capped mountains all around us. Lilly and Sam (aka Sam and Lilly !!) knew something was up and waited patiently in the back seat, looking out at the border crossing guard while he perused their papers and asked us questions. We breezed through the border in a matter of seconds -- thanks to Stacey and the NASRN folks for having everything so perfectly in order, and for each and every member of the transport team for ensuring that these documents arrived in tact.

Lilly and Sam both seemed to know that something was up. They were no longer laying in the back and snoozing, but alert with heads poking out the back windows -- sniffing the air.
Both dogs were standing and peering out the open windows by this time -- I truly believed they knew "home" was that close! (We also know, from experience, that gigantic Anatolians can jump out of a car window that is opened halfway -- so we were careful just to let their noses and heads peek out) We pulled into the driveway and both stepped out of the truck and onto their home turf without using the Pet Ramp. We explored all around together -- and both dogs did their business, took a drink from the fish pond, scratched their backs against the cedar trees surrounding the side yard, checked out the Bernese Mountain Dog named "Kumo" through the chain link fence --- and played the "I'm marking my territory against this fence -- no *I* am -- no *I* am" game, back and forth for about 20 minutes! They have a new buddy next door now! Lilly and Sam stayed "Oooot and Aboooot" (*lol*) for about an hour, checking out their property.

Then we came inside and they explored the house -- not fully yet, as we coaxed them onto their new soft beds with a treat, and they both fell right asleep! Sam is snoring beside me now, and they both looked so relaxed as they snooze away! Their beds are right beside the computer -- between the kitchen and family room -- in the center of all activity.

We have taken lots of photos and will put them up on their facebook page, along with any photos you send of your time with them and any photos from the 2 disposable cameras that came with them. Thank you, again, Stacey for thinking of that and sending the cameras -- what a fantastic idea! We look forward to reading everyones journal entries tonight too. If you add them as a friend on facebook, please look for "Sam Street" and "Lilly Street".... you will recognize their profile pictures, I'm sure!

It's so good to see them sleeping here, and feeling so comfortable already. Sam already discovered the cupboard door where we keep the treats -- he knows they're in there, even though he hasn't seen us open it yet! He just stopped snoring, looked around, saw Lilly was beside him and saw me tapping on the keyboard, and put his head back down with a BIG ~sigh~ and fell asleep again. He knows he's home.

The end of a MARVELLOUS, well planned, well executed, incredible "mother of all" journeys! But not the end of your connection to them, if you choose to follow them through photos and anecdotes on facebook! Laurie and I are SO thankful and grateful to each and every one who had ANYTHING to do with bringing Lilly and Sam to their new home in Canada. Life began being good for them when they were first discovered and removed from the shelter... and just think of all the things that had to go right for them between then and now! They just trusted that all the kind-hearted and loving folks they met from that point on were doing the best they could for them and, now, it's our turn to love them, cherish them, and value them for the amazing and wonderful dogs they both are. We promise to do that for the rest of their lives.

And now we're both going to give them some cuddles and pats and tell them, once again, how much we love them! And promise them a walk around the block later tonight. There are SO many more neighbours and dogs to meet yet!

Love from all of us here,
L & S and S & L

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