Friday, January 15, 2010

HOMEWARD BOUND: One more day in Arizona!

Sam & Lily have been enjoying their week, relaxing in the sunshine in Phoenix and generally just resting up.

Tomorrow they will hit the road, bright and early, and begin the second half of their journey to their new home in British Columbia Canada.

Stay tuned for updates on their travels this weekend.

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Sheri said...

What beautiful dogs, and what a relaxing time they are spending in Phoenix! They look so laid back and happy. We are anxiously awaiting their arrival in Oregon, for the last long leg of their journey home. Thank you so much to ALL the kind hearted, amazing volunteer drivers who've given their time and energy towards Sam and Lilly's care, and their transport north. You are amazing people with enormous hearts. Here's to cooperative weather this weekend, and safe travel for ALL.
Laurie and Sheri