Monday, January 18, 2010

HOMEWARD BOUND: Sam and Lilly met their new family!


Sam and Lilly have met their new family in Medford! Debbie arrived even a little ahead of schedule, but Sheri and Laurie were waiting there eagerly. After introductions all around, they all spent about an hour in a great, well lit grassy area where Sam and Lilly could stretch their legs and get to know their new mom and dad. Sheri called Juliana to say they loaded up Sam and Lilly and headed north, hoping to get some ways up the road and a little closer to home.

After nearly nine days of perfect weather since leaving Texas last week, our good luck ran out Sunday afternoon. Debbie reported that "On the way down to Redding I ran into heavy rain/mixed with snow and strong winds. The wind was pushing my car all over the road." The dogs were very helpful, though! After adding nearly 250 lbs of canine ballast to her car, Debbie said "On the way back I didn't even notice the wind."

It was a wonderful, emotional meeting with Sheri and Laurie. Debbie said, "Lilly immediately went up to them and started wagging her tail, Sam followed right behind and before we knew it, they were both wagging happily. It's almost as if they knew, 'this is them, our new family.'"

Sheri wrote a quick and very enthusiastic note after they stopped for the night:
"Everything you ALL said about Sam and Lilly is true!! They are the most wonderful, patient, gentle and polite dogs! They both like the Pet Ramp and walked up it and into the back seat of the truck as though they'd done it a hundred times before! The same with getting back out again. They snuggled in the back seat in the Pet Hammock we had to cover the entire back seat, and put their heads down... only looking up a couple of times when the wind sounded like it was going to blow us off the road. Sam and Lilly are laying on sleeping bags in our hotel room -- Sam looked as though he was considering bedding down on the king size bed, but we nixed that idea and he flopped beside me on their sleeping bags on the floor. They are both asleep... Sam snoring :)" Sheri has promised to write again after they finally get home.

Sheri and Laurie asked that we pass along a huge THANK YOU to everyone. They are overwhelmed with their two beautiful, sweet dogs and with the kindness that all the volunteers have shown. She said they'll be in touch just as soon as they reach Rosedale and home! We'll post news of the big arrival as soon as we get it. Hopefully pictures too!


Susan said...

What a great journey this has been, I'm so happy for the dogs and their new owners.
Cudos to all the transport coordinators, drivers, and everyone who worked this out. You are truly the best!

Dean Hughson said...

Laurie and Sheri are great lovers of Anatolians. Sam and Lily are very lucky dogs...Congrats guys on becoming Canadian citizens and soon you'll be enjoying all of the friends of the Streets and your own island home!!!!!