Sunday, January 17, 2010

HOMEWARD BOUND: A Very Long Day on the Road


Well, Day 1 of Weekend 2 of Sam & Lilly's journey home is complete. They reached their overnight at Judy's safe and sound! They may be just a bit road weary, but who wouldn't be after an 11 hour, six hundred mile day of travel! It was the longest day of Sam and Lilly's entire trip, but they got through it in fine fashion.

David reported in directly to Sheri and Laurie, Sam and Lilly's new family. Sheri said, "He spoke so highly of them both, that he nearly had me in tears (of happiness!) -- and I promised him that we would do everything we could to ensure Sam and Lilly are loved, appreciated, and cared for forevermore, in a happy and loving home."

Heidi said "They were both perfect angels as the made their way through the City of Angels. Sam proceeded to plop his head onto my son Jake's leg and fall into a deep sleep, complete with snoring. Lilly snuggled up right up next to Sam."

Sam and Lilly made it to Madera, California yesterday, where they stopped for the night. Judy, who offered her home as their motel for the night, said that both dogs ate their supper, and then Sam methodically sniffed his way around every inch of her home. [Where have we heard that before??] She also said that her house looked a bit smaller than it did before the arrival of two big dogs who take up lots of floor space! What a contrast to her two little Chihuahuas!

What a great day we had, thanks to the super teamwork and wonderful care all the volunteers gave Sam and Lilly. We look forward to Sunday and are anticipating another great day of travel! To all of you on Sunday's team, safe travels....we look forward to hearing from you. Sheri and Laurie have already arrived in Medford safely and are eagerly waiting to meet Sam and Lilly in person. Sheri and Laurie, you've got two pretty special dogs who are going to be very ready to meet their new family Sunday afternoon!

Many thanks to to you Sunday with more "tails" from the road! :-)

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