Wednesday, January 13, 2010

UPDATE: Sam & Lily are resting up and relaxing in The Valley of the Sun.....

Good Morning Beth,
The dogs are doing great, settling in and getting some much needed down time. They are both very sweet dogs! Sam seems to take everything in stride. He's a little more reserved than she, but both eat up attention.
The dogs and I are sleeping in the guest bedroom this week. LOL! They have excellent bedtime manners, sleeping quietly beside my bed. Sam was restless last night, so I put him out for an hour to do his business. When he returned, he sacked right out again. Needless to say, we have bonded!
By the way, we have all their paperwork, etc, so no worries.
More Later,

TRANSPORT UPDATE: The second half of Sam & Lily's Incredible Journey begins bright and early Saturday morning. As of MONDAY, ALL LEGS ARE FILLED!!! Wow, I think thats a record for "Fastest Transport Filled".
We are so lucky to have such great Transport Coordinators like Juliana and Beth.

Stay tuned as Sam and Lily begin their journey home in just a few days!

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