Thursday, January 14, 2010



Good Morning All,
Sam and Lilly are doing great this week. They have/are adapting quickly to our routines here, and the slumber party in the guest room improves each night! I can't bear to tell them this is temporary! As difficult as it will be to say good-bye to this pair, my heart rejoices for them knowing in just a few more days they will be in a forever loving home.

They are an amazing pair, each with distinctive personalities. Sam is the guardian, explorer, hunter, always looking and listening, a very typical Anatolian. He is a counter surfer, pantry shopper, and dumpster diver, so doors need to be closed, counters cleared and trash can out of reach. He will investigate EVERY inch of your house and property, taking note of what is his kingdom. He doesn't really respond to verbal commands, cannot be coaxed if it's not on his agenda, and will test your strength on a lead. I don't mean he will drag you into the next county, but rather he wants to know his boundaries. When on lead, they move where you want them to go easily. If you're sitting in a chair, Lilly will move in close to be petted and scratched. When Sam wants attention, he will come stand near her. Just reach out and scratch/pet him, too. He is more reserved when it comes to physical "lovin", but he likes it and wants his share. Just not as much as Lilly! They both enjoy treats, chews, and meal time.

Stacey fed them twice a day, so that is what we're doing here, too, in hopes of keeping them somewhat "regular". They will be traveling with the same brand of kibble they were on in foster care.

Lilly is a dear, sweet gal. She LOVES to be loved, and is content to lay quietly in whatever room you are in. She is less active than Sam which is expected for a retired woman. But she does gallup and wag her tail, and romp around the yard....just not with the intensity of youth. She is very expressive, with open mouthed smiles and vocal little coos and whines. She's soooooo easy to love.
I'm going to upload a couple of pictures right now, and more later today.


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