Saturday, January 16, 2010

HOMEWARD BOUND: Sam and Lilly part 2 begins!


Sam and Lilly are officially 'on the road again' and are traveling west on I-10 across the California desert, right on schedule! What a great week they had at Mary's home to rest and relax in the warm Arizona sun. Thank you, Mary, for the wonderful care and comfort you gave them during their stay!

The big dogs enjoyed Arizona so much that they were reluctant to load up this morning. They probably thought all that traveling was DONE, but we fooled them.

Today, Sam and Lilly will make their way to Madera, CA where they'll spend the night at Judy's home. Sheri and Laurie are hitting the road too! They're leaving their home in British Columbia today to head south, so they'll be ready and waiting for Sam and Lilly's arrival in Medford, OR tomorrow afternoon.

Did we mention? The dogs are traveling with their very own travel journal, where the volunteers have been recording stories from the trip, along with several disposable cameras to record all the highlights. We also hope to have pictures from this weekend in some of our upcoming updates. Stay tuned!

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