Saturday, January 9, 2010


Good news! Sam and Lilly just crossed the border into New Mexico and met up with Karl, our driver for Leg 4 of the trip.

They have been doing amazingly well so far. Teri's first comment was "I think Sam did not get the memo about being the timid one." Apparently they got on the road in Lubbock with two dogs in the way back of the car...then a few minutes later there was a dog on the back seat...then shortly after there was a dog--a BIG dog--sitting between the two front seats. Easier to get attention if you're close to the humans, I guess! Teri thought it must be Lilly, but it turns out to be Sam. According to Teri, "Sam is all about being petted" so far. We have no idea what about transporting appeals to him but are glad it does!

Lilly did need some help getting into their vehicle, which is higher than some, but Sam jumped right in. Apparently he did not get that memo either.

SO FAR, SO GOOD!! And the train keeps-a-rollin'............

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The A-team said...

I've only been able to help with one transport, but it's a fantastic feeling. I think everyone involved in this one deserves an extra WAG of approval, thanks, and extra joy!