Sunday, February 21, 2010


Our group will be attending this event at the University of Phoenix Stadium (indoors!) on Saturday June 12th.

Since we are a national group, our dogs are scattered all across the country and we do not always have many in the particular area when there is an event like this.

If you live close enough to Phoenix to attend and if you have an Anatolian or ASD mix that is able to handle being around other dogs and people in a public setting like this, PLEASE try to attend!
We really need to have Anatolians at our booth so people can meet them up close and personal.
Seeing these dogs in person will generate more interest for the dogs on the website that are out of the local area but still within transport distance.

For more information, please email Carleen at


Nearly 10,000 people packed the St. Charles Convention Center to attend the 2009 St. Louis Pet Expo!

We can't wait for Phoenix!

Mark your calendar now for
Saturday, June 12, 2010!

This event will be free to the public and feature guest speakers, stage entertainment, tips/tricks, agility courses, training demonstrations, character greetings, book signings, contests, prize giveaways, pet services, products, exhibitors RESCUE GROUPS and more!

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Why not,I'll tell my husband regarding with this event..I am sure he will come with me if ever I go..Thanks for sharing!!

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