Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Story of Rio Bravo

Rio somehow found himself in a kill shelter in Georgia a few yrs ago. Our VP, Karen Dirksen pulled him off death row and he then was transported to a foster home....and then another foster home...and then another. Rio was quite a handful.
He had absolutely no manners and was a true wild child. He wore out his welcome in his foster homes quite quickly.

He ended up being adopted by a couple in Houston, Dell and Denise Bryant.
They worked with Rio and gave him the love, stability and training that he needed and it wasn't long before Rio became a certified therapy dog.

Here is an article about Rio from a recent Houston area newsletter.

Way to go Rio! He is living proof of what a little patience and training can do for a dog!

Rio Bravo, age 4 1⁄2
Anatolian Mastiff
San Felipe Street
Neighborhood Tails

I’m Rio Bravo. I live with my human parents, their foster dog, Chata, and Mr.
Kitty. I was a shelter dog in Georgia, and some nice person from the National Anatolian Shepherd Rescue Network rescued me, and I found my way to Houston and into the hearts of my human parents.

I was a little rowdy, but after some obedience school, someone from Faithful Paws decided I would be a great therapy dog for adults and children at hospitals and nursing homes,and would bring joy and help to special-needs children.

So,off I go to make my weekly visits – smelling good, mindingmy manners, dressing up in different outfits and making everyone happy with tons of love and doggie kisses.

If I see you at the Tanglewood Bark Park or anywhere else, I will give you my special “hello” and “high five.” What a life!

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