Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New England


Meet Keeta!! The beautiful Anatolian Shepard, aka Special K.
Keeta is a very fit pure-bred ASD female who turned nine on Jan. 1st. Keeta was rescued on Dec. 17, with only ONE day left before her owners were going to euthanize her . With little money and having lost their house -- their desperation showed in Keeta's neglect.
Keeta came into NASRN filthy, underweight, under-nourished and with mast cell tumors. She never showed any sign of physical abuse.

After several loving months, appropriate vet care, nutritious food and homeopathy - this girl has a whole new lease on life!
Keeta is an easy keeper, a very well-mannered dog in the house and on-lead. She ADORES Cats and lived happily with them and horses in her first home.

With her people, she is playful, loves to spoon and hangout. She is mellow, and yet, always watchful.
Keeta prefers to be an only dog (or kept separate) as she has been an only dog her whole life. If you have room in your life and heart to help this lovely girl we can promise you that she will return your love ten-fold.
We will transport up to 1000 miles.

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