Monday, April 5, 2010



Hi there,
My name is "True". I'm a teen aged Anatolian Shepherd x Great Pyrenees cross.
Back in October, 2009, I somehow ended up in a crazy noisy place called a shelter and things were looking pretty grim until a nice lady came and got me.
She took me to this other place called a "boarding kennel".
I'm sad to say that I am still sitting in this cage at the boarding kennel. Don't get me wrong, the people here are nice to me but I'm really sad and tired of being in a cage all the time.

I day dream about having a yard with grass and some little humans to watch over.
I really like those little humans, they're a lot of fun.
I would like to have a girl dog to play with too, I think that would be lots of fun as well.
I think about having my own home to watch over and not have to be caged up every day.

I am not very good at math but I've heard some of the humans talk and they tell me I've been here for "6 months". I don't know what 6 months means but I know it must be a really long time, b/c it seems like I've been locked up forever and a day.

The humans were doing some math and I heard them say this is how much it's costing to keep me in this cage:

$8 per day x 30 days per month= $240 per month x 6 months=$1440.00

Like I said, I'm not so good at math, in fact, I really don't know what math is, but I do know I'm just really sad and would really love to get out of this cage.

The humans tell me they will find me a ride to almost anywhere in the US or Canada if someone was kind enough to open their home to me.
This is the lady to bark at if you think you might be able to spring me outta doggy jail:

For more information, please email Carleen at

Well, thanks for talking with me. I sure hope one of you nice humans out there might be able to help set me free. I promise I will be a real good boy.
Signed with a slobbery kiss,
Sincerely yours,

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