Friday, April 9, 2010


Update on "Beau" who was pulled from a shelter just a couple of weeks ago.
Beau's owner surrendered him to the shelter because he said Beau was too wild and was "aggressive with all other animals".
Humm.......really? Take a look at him here, in his foster home, lounging with a few goats.
Does this look like a dog that is "aggressive to all other animals"??

Beau is by no means considered a trained LGD, but the fact that he is so comfortable with goats, cats, other dogs and people is amazing to me.

He still has a long road to recovery ahead of him. He is too thin for surgery so he can't be neutered yet. He was so stressed out over being in the shelter that he stopped eating.
Then he came down with kennel cough and hasn't been feeling well so, that equals more weight lost.
His foster mom reports that he "finally" has an appetite now so it looks like he may have turned a corner.

Beau will be looking for a loving home after he is neutered. He's going to need a home where someone is home a lot. He's a really great dog and has a lot of potential if someone is able to work with him and give him a lot of love.

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