Friday, July 16, 2010


Bailey is a very handsome Anatolian x Great Pyrenees cross (3/4 ASD 1/4 Pyrenees). His DOB is Feb 2007. He is a big boy, standing 30 inches at the shoulder and weighing 125 lbs.

He will need to be neutered prior to adoption.

Bailey is good with female dogs and is good with small dogs.
He has not been raised around children or cats so a home without either would be preferable.

Bailey is housebroken, walks on lead and knows basic commands.
He is looking for a home with someone who has experience with Anatolians or other flockguardian breed who has a nice sized fenced yard.
He was raised on a goat farm the first 8 months of his life but has not been around them since.

Please email Janna for more information.

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