Saturday, July 31, 2010



Meet Miss Dafne!
She is a 9 month old spayed female (pure bred) Anatolian Shepherd Dog.
She was dumped in a shelter by her breeder when they didnt want to continue
to pay to feed Dafne and her sister.
So she has had quite a bit of turmoil in her life lately.
She is now in a foster home and is adjusting to being in a new environment.
Dafne is still very skinny, only weighing 70 lbs
but otherwise seems to be healthy.
She is friendly with people and good with other dogs.
No one has worked with her on basic commands yet
but she is a very smart girl and we feel she will flourish in a home
with love, guidance and TLC.
Read more about Dafne at the link below

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