Saturday, August 28, 2010



Bear was rescued last year after his owner passed away.
Her husband stopped taking care of the dogs
and had them living in a small pen, filled with mud and feces
The neighbors knew he never fed or watered the dogs
so they would bring food and water in order to keep them alive
Finally the owner agreed to give them up.

That was over a year ago and Bear is still sitting in foster care,
waiting and hoping that someone will want to take him home
He kind of has the odds stacked against him
because he is 6 yrs old
and because he has mild hip dysplasia
Bear also tested low positive for heartworm
but has been on the slow kill treatment for almost a year
and will soon be ready to be retested.

Even though he isnt the youngest or most agile of dogs,
Bear has a heart of gold and is a wonderful guardian
He would make a great dog for a small family farm
or he would make a wonderful family companion dog
where he could be a valued member of the family.

The older dogs always get passed over
but there's a lot to be said for the mature dog!
Please take a look at Bear
or another one of our adult dogs
They all have a lot of life and love left in them.

Please email Carleen for more information.

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