Sunday, August 1, 2010


Meet Rex!   He somehow ended up in a kill shelter in Alabama; injured, scared, hungry and dirty.
Rex got lucky, though, and someone bailed him out of doggy jail and took him to a no kill shelter called the Greater Huntsville Humane Society.
The wonderful people at this shelter gave Rex the medical attention he needed, had him neutered and fully vetted.  Soon the ugly gash on his neck was healing and day by day, his ribs didn't seem to stick out quite as much.

Rex made a fully recovery and, once again,  luck was on his side and he was adopted by a very nice couple in Arkansas.
So yesterday, Rex became a passenger on the "Rescue Railroad" and, with the help of several wonderful volunteer drivers, he made the journey from Alabama to his new home in Arkansas.

Things got off to a rocky start though.   When it was time for Rex to get in the car he said "Sorry, no-can-do" and promptly laid down on the sidewalk.
After much coaxing and encouragement..............Rex remained on the ground, peacefully protesting.
Its very hard to make a 125 Anatolian do something he doesnt want to do!

Finally, Rex was lifted up and carried into the car.
Once in the vehicle, Rex was a happy traveler and watched the scenery go by as he headed west.

Unfortunately for Rex, he soon realized he was going to have to get out of this car and then get into yet "another" car.  Once again Rex said SORRY people, but I am not getting in another car and he laid down in protest.
The drivers were ready this time, though and Rex was picked up and carried to the car so he could continue on his journey.
This little scene played out the same way at each exchange.  Rex flopped his big ol' Anatolian body on the ground and once again the drivers lifted him up and carried him to the vehicle.

We are happy to report that Rex did finally make it to his destination and met his new family.
Rex is now in his new home and we are all hoping he has a very long and happy life.

A special thanks to the good people at the Greater Huntsville Humane Society for saving Rex and taking care of him until his new family was able to adopt him.

As always, a huge thank you to the amazing transport drivers who donate their time and gas, weekend after weekend, to help dogs like Rex get to their new homes.
NASRN is lucky enough to have two of the best Transport Coordinators in the world, too.  Thank you Juliana and Beth for all of your hard work.

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