Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Meet Lily
She is a 6 year old pure bred Akbash Dog
which is basically a white Anatolian.

Lily's owner was forced to relinquish her
when he lost his house due to health issues.
So Lily is now looking for a loving home.
. She loves to be brushed and is an excellent watch dog with a big bark.
 Even though she has a big bark she is very friendly with people and very gentle.
She gets along well with other dogs as long as they have good doggy manners.
 Lily currently lives with a Border Collie mix and a smaller golden retriever, springer spaniel mix that she doesn’t have any issues with.

 She also gets along fine with “her” cat but will chase a stray cat off the property.
She will occasionally play with the border collie mix but for the most part
Lily is pretty low energy and seems content to find a place on the property to lay down
and observe comings and goings.
She will do best in a home with carpeted floors and no stairs.

Please email Carleen for more information.nasrn@nasrn.com

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