Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Zeus' original owner  imported him from
 the Sivas Region of  Turkey
 but when he
 moved out west he gave Zeus to "friends".

Those friends were not taking care of Zeus, he wasn't being fed
and was being kept crated in a very small cage.
Luckily for Zeus, someone heard about his plight
and picked him up from this neglectful situation.

Zeus is now in a temporary holding spot and is in need
of either a foster or adoptive home ASAP

Zeus is still skinny, weighing appx 110 pounds
He is friendly with people and good with children.
He is a very sweet dog with people and kids
and would LOVE to be in a real home.
He is in a large kennel right now.
He would need to be the only male dog
but should be ok with female dogs.
We do not know how he is with cats.

Please email Mary for more information.


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